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By The Bookollective Team, Jul 6 2017 02:15PM

Written by Esther Harris

I felt a bit like Charlie Bucket arriving at Willy Wonka's chocolate factory as I arrived at the Soho Hotel in London yesterday. The event? The Bookseller Rising Stars Class of 2017 reception. OK, I'm not frighteningly skinny (ahem) and wasn't hand in hand with my Grandfather, but it did feel like I'd won a golden ticket to meet and chat with some of the most passionate and inspirational people in publishing. It was a pleasure to network with fellow Rising Stars such as Ariella Finer at United Agents, Florentyne Martyn at Waterstones, Chris Bone from Hay Festival and Sarah Plow from Jessica Kingsley to name but a few. I was so proud to fly the flag for Bookollective as we took our place among "the industry's up-and-comers, forward-thinking future leaders of the trade" to talk books, books and - yes, you guessed it - more books... :-)

The Rising Stars List is in its seventh year now and its sponsor Redwood Recruitment said that: "Every year it is a joy to work with committed people who are so passionate about what they do." The Bookseller's Tom Tivnan described the class of 2017 as a "remarkable group, selected from more than 300 nominations… ferociously talented about bringing books to the widest possible audiences… the book trade’s future is in good hands.”

Bookollective are honoured to have made it onto this year’s list - less than a year since we launched our fresh, new creative agency. So what made Bookollective stand out to the judges? Tom Tivnan from The Bookseller told us:

"A key part of the Rising Stars is identifying people who are thinking about new ways and different business models to respond to the book trade’s rapid changes. Bookollective does this in spades and in a short time have carved out a much-needed niche with Aimee's, Esther’s and Helen’s blend of experience, savvy and formidable talent.”

It was a meltingly hot day in London but a true watershed moment for the Bookollective team - and one which I'll never forget. However, there was no chocolate... but because of surplus afternoon tea, we were each given a goody bag of artisan cakes, which I enjoyed with champagne on the grass at nearby Soho Square. Cheers!

To see the full list of The Bookseller Rising Stars 2017, please visit: http://www.thebookseller.com/rising-stars/2017

By The Bookollective Team, Jul 5 2017 08:24AM

Following a successful pitch Practical Inspiration Publishing has appointed Bookollective as its retained agency to publicise its full publishing list from July 2017.

After more than 20 years in traditional publishing working with companies such as Oxford University Press and Macmillan, Alison Jones launched the Practical Inspiration imprint as a pioneering new model in 2014: partnership publishing. Today she helps businesses and entrepreneurs write and publish content strategically aligned with their business goals. Commenting on her association with Bookollective, she said: "Practical Inspiration books mean business, with support for authors all the way from initial concept through business integration, content strategy, writing and publication to marketing. The business book market is a more exciting space than ever before and I'm delighted that this partnership with Bookollective will raise our authors' profiles and showcase their outstanding books to a wider audience."

Bookollective is an award-winning specialist book design and marketing agency, representing publishers and authors across the world. Launched just six months ago, it was recently featured on The Bookseller's Rising Stars list for 2017. Speaking of the appointment, Head of Publicity Helen McCusker who will be managing the account said: "Having successfully promoted two of Alison's most recent releases, Bookollective is delighted to now be working more closely with Practical Inspiration Publishing. We know just how important creative PR is for authors and publishing a book can be an effective way to grow a business and become a recognised authority. We look forward to supporting Practical Inspiration Publishing's backlist and forthcoming projects. These include 'Thriving Abroad', 'The Flourishing Student' and 'The Invisible Revolution' - which were all winners of Alison's 10-day Business Book Proposal Challenge. Using a mix of both traditional and digital marketing methods, we hope to bring these insightful business titles to a wider audience of engaged readers."

For all media enquiries please email: helen@bookollective.com

By The Bookollective Team, Jun 30 2017 08:52AM

The sun didn't shine in London on Wednesday evening but the mood at Bookollective's Summer Drinks Party was still Club Tropicana! More than 70 industry movers and shakers joined the ambitious young agency at Waterstones Tottenham Court Road to swap war stories and hear from inspirational speakers such as Librotas book mentor Karen Williams, the savvy editor West Camel of hot-right-now Orenda Books, and DUST author Mark Thompson who gave a heartfelt speech about his bumpy road to publication before signing copies of his debut novel.

But although the brollies were out, the mood was buoyant. Bookollective were celebrating being named in The Bookseller's list of Rising Stars 2017 and thrilled that its raison d'etre – helping authors shine and connecting people in the industry – had been recognised. Co-founder Esther Harris introduced the evening: "Everyone in this room is two things: super creative and super helpful. In this group alone we have Stormzy's illustrator, the 'Amy Whitehouse of poetry, an Amazon Storyteller Award finalist, niche indies, bloggers, mentors and many more. The whole point of Bookollective is that if we provide the opportunity, there is so much talent here that can easily cross-fertilise and help one another. So if you need an introduction to someone, just ask." The event, which was free of charge and open to all, was due to finish at 8pm but guests were still chatting at 10pm. Anna Burtt, Rights Manager at RedDoor Publishing commented: "Everyone is really buzzing and engaged. Huge thanks to the Bookollective team for a great event!"

Tom Tivnan from The Bookseller said this week of the Bookollective team:

"A key part of The Bookseller's Rising Stars is identifying people who are thinking about new ways and different business models to respond to the book trade's rapid changes. Bookollective does this in spades and in a short time have carved out a much-needed niche with Aimee's, Esther's and Helen's blend of experience, savvy and formidable talent."

The party was supported by Books Are My Bag, with publishers Harper Impulse, Bloomsbury Publishing, Orenda Books, Bonnier Zaffre and No Exit Press all generously supplying books for a complimentary goody bag.

Twitter has been buzzing post event:

@WaterstonesTCR - 'The champagne has popped for the Bookollective summer party, feat. a signing with Mark Thompson!'

@HarperImpulse - 'We had a BLAST at the Bookollective summer party last night!'

@OrendaBooks - 'So pleased to be able to contribute to fabulous event!'

@West_Camel - 'Thanks to the Bookollective trio for a great evening.'

@AbbieHeadon - 'Mr West Camel talking about the one and only Karen @OrendaBooks Sullivan, Queen of all Noirs and all-round lovely person.'

@mbennett_author - 'Lovely summer party Bookollective. The book treasure was such a treat. It was great to meet and hear about folks' book stories, so thank you!'

@Sarah_Swan2 - 'Awesome evening, networking with #publishers, #bloggers, #authors, #agents. Thanks @Bookollective! LOVE the goody bag! What a book haul!'

@amcrossland1 - 'Wow got the most amazing haul of #summerreading at last night's Bookollective event, thanks so much for a fab evening!'

@bookstothesky - 'Bibliopique: When you've been given a big pile of books & all you want to do is binge read but you have to work.'

@nicola_cyoung - 'Thanks Bookollective for an informative evening of networking. Head is spinning with #bookpr ideas now.'

@thumbingpages - 'Had such a great time last night at the @Bookollective event! Love the tote bag and books as well.'

@BlackDoorPress - 'Thanks for another great event last night! Informative and inspirational as usual. See you at the next one!'

The next Bookollective event will be held in September and a date will be announced shortly via Twitter @Bookollective and www.bookollective.com/events

By The Bookollective Team, Jun 28 2017 08:25AM

The Bookseller Rising Stars 2017 - backed by the Frankfurt Book Fair and sponsored by Redwood Publishing Recruitment - is an annual list of publishing’s up-and-comers, forward-thinking future leaders of the trade and those long-serving professionals who have changed tack to help revitalise the industry. In this, its seventh year, the class of 2017 have been described as a "remarkable group, selected from more than 300 nominations… ferociously talented and passionate about bringing books to the widest possible audiences… the book trade’s future is in good hands.”

Bookollective are honoured to have made it onto this year’s list - less than a year since we launched our fresh, new creative agency.

So what made Bookollective stand out to the judges? Tom Tivnan from The Bookseller told us:

"A key part of the Rising Stars is identifying people who are thinking about new ways and different business models to respond to the book trade’s rapid changes. Bookollective does this in spades and in a short time have carved out a much-needed niche with Aimee's, Esther’s and Helen’s blend of experience, savvy and formidable talent.”

The Bookcollective team are all individuals in their own right, who join forces to perfectly blend their passion and skills. Here’s what being named a Bookseller Rising Star means to us.

Book Designer Aimee Coveney says:

"Being named a Bookseller Rising Star is the icing on the cake of a fabulous first year at Bookollective. The considerable effort myself, Helen and Esther have put in has really paid off with this wonderful recognition. It's lovely to see freelancers acknowledged in this way; we can sometimes be the forgotten heroes of the publishing industry. I will always strive to better myself and pursue a successful future for Bookollective and our clients."

Book Editor Esther Harris says:

"I am beyond thrilled to be named a Bookseller Rising Star. What goes around, comes around and I can't wait to help bring others along in our industry too. Helping new and established authors tell stories is a joy and I consider myself very lucky to do a job I love with two like-minded and supportive ladies.”

Book Publicist Helen McCusker says:

“It’s a huge honour to have made this year’s Bookseller Rising Stars and to be in the company of such a talented shortlist of individuals. Earlier this year we first caught the attention of The Bookseller who awarded us their Start-Up of the Week for bringing a fresh approach to the industry at a time when outsourcing is considered the norm for indie publishers. What I love most is the fact that The Bookseller have warmed to the ‘community’ vibe of Bookollective, by shortlisting us as a collective, rather than as individuals. When people come together, big things can happen and we hope that with this latest award win the biggest achievements for our clients are yet to come!"

The Bookollective team will be toasting their success at their Summer Party on Wednesday 28th June between 6-8pm at Waterstones Tottenham Court Road in London. The event is kindly sponsored by Books Are My Bag, Bloomsbury Publishing, Harper Impulse, No Exit Press, Bonnier and Orenda Books.

To see the full list of The Bookseller Rising Stars 2017, please visit: http://www.thebookseller.com/rising-stars/2017

By The Bookollective Team, Jun 26 2017 03:59PM

In a post that will be particularly helpful to beginners starting out in marketing their self-published books, book designer and ALLi partner member Aimee Coveney shares some great ideas for using the design elements of your books in your marketing campaigns and book promotions.

Consistent and good design is a vital part of building your author brand. Your author brand, and your books, should look professional, increase your credibility as an author and raise the perceived value of your work, attracting more sales.

Good design is good business.

As an indie author, you have full control over the choice of design for your self-published books, both on the cover and inside. Strong visual impact will make your books stand out within your genre and catch the attention of your readers across international platforms.

But have you also considered how to use the elements of your book design elsewhere, once the design process is over, to promote your work across your digital presence?

Imagery, Color and Texture

Most book covers will use at least one image and often more. Many authors only ever use the complete cover in their marketing, but picking out individual elements for promotional purposes can prove effective, complementing your covers and creating familiarity whilst strengthening your brand. Obvious examples are graphics created to be used in social media marketing.

Ask your cover designer for individual elements of your design that you can then manipulate yourself, if you’re capable. Alternatively ask the designer to put something together for you, to add a really professional touch to your online promotional strategy.

Always ensure the image license allows use in other projects, and check whether there are any limitations.


Another way to make your books stand out more effectively online is to repeat the typography of your book covers across your digital presence to reiterate your brand. This is a very simple tool. Just use the fonts from your book cover and interior for items such as these:

- Your website, displaying your information with the same font type and colour scheme as used for your books

- Your email signature, placing your visual brand in front of your audience with every email you send

- Video book trailers, using your chosen font and colour scheme of your cover design for your text commentary – remember, not everyone views videos online with sound.

With video fast becoming the most shared kind of media online it’s more important than ever to ensure their digital impact is as beneficial to you as an author as possible, in both branding and content.

Thus your cover design doesn’t only affect how clearly your book stands out on retail sites, but can be used effectively and constructively across your whole online author platform.

Whether you are consciously working at it or not, your brand as an author is being built as we speak, so ensure that your book covers are working hard to do what they should do best: targeting your audience and pulling in readers.

OVER TO YOU Do you have examples of how you’ve extrapolated elements of your book cover to create great marketing collateral?

By The Bookollective Team, Jun 22 2017 02:08PM

The Notting Hill Bookshop in London played host to the launch of the debut novel from mummy blogger Isabella Davidson. The ultra-competitive world of Supermums - super-rich, super-beautiful and super-mean - is explored in her satirical novel, The Beta Mum: Adventures in Alpha Land, published by SilverWood Books.

The guest list saw yummy mummies and popular writers in attendance, including Davidson’s editor Donna Hillyer, acclaimed novelist Shelley Weiner, film producers and writers Natalie Beer and Eliza Schroeder, Instagram star Smart Fashionista, mummy blogger Karin Thyselius-Schumacher and Mama Life Magazine founder Mel Mehmet. It was a hot summer evening so people spilled out on to the streets of West London, sipping Champagne and nibbling on Chika’s nuts (made famous by the BBC television programme Dragon’s Den).

Davidson who tweets under the handle @NHYummyMummy said: “The response to my book has been incredible, both online and offline. There was a long queue for my book signing and sadly I didn’t have time to sign everyone’s book, but I want to thank my loyal fan base for their continued support. It was really overwhelming.”

By The Bookollective Team, Apr 26 2017 12:23PM

As part of our appreciation for the fantastic network of book bloggers we have built, today we are speaking to Kelly from Love Books Group. Kelly is our newest member of Bookollective's #TheBTeam and we have loved learning a little more about her passion for books!

Hello Kelly! Can we first ask what inspired you to become a book blogger?

I was at home full time, looking after my mother who had several strokes. I decided to start the blog to review all the books I had been reading. I already ran a successful Facebook Book Group so it seemed a natural progression. I launched my blog in January, it is now reaching almost 10,000 views.

I am very proud of my social media, a lot of hours making connections and connecting with my lovely followers.

I recently created an Instagram and I really get a great deal of enjoyment from it each day. I spend one hour each day sharing and liking my fellow bloggers, blogs. I think it's very important and I enjoy reading their reviews and Author spots. I love empowering and lifting others. I always treat others the way I would want to be. I love the unique bloggers bubble!

We love the community of bloggers too! How do you now decide whether to review a book or not?

As my blog has become more popular, I get daily requests for reviews. My blog tours always have top priority. Thereafter I review what I can!

So with so many offers, do you judge a book by its cover?

Not at all, I try to go into a book blind, so I don't know what sort of adventure it will be!

That's refreshing to hear. Is there something you wish authors knew about your blog or blogging?

I blog events and books and I do it full time. I schedule my posts ahead of time. If an Author would like their book promoted on my social media or blog, then I ask that they use the contact form on my blog.

The big question! What's your favourite book of the year so far?!

Perfect Remains by Helen Fields. Set in my home City of Edinburgh, it is a toe curling fast paced ride of a read!

Lots of authors wonder about this one; do you have any advice on looking for successful blogger reviews?

You have to research a few, all bloggers review in a different style. I review on an emotional level, how the book made me feel and what I learned other bloggers have varied styles. I would say to the author to make sure they are following their chosen bloggers page and social media. It's nice to share your own article and also follow and share future posts too!

And finally, do you have any plans for your blog in the future?

Yes! I already have a collective of over 10,000 followers, I would love to see it continue to grow.

Visit Kelly's book blog at www.lovebooksgroup.blog

By The Bookollective Team, Apr 13 2017 12:10PM

Article originally written by Karen Williams of Librotas: http://www.librotas.com/book-pr/

Karen Williams (Librotas) interviews Esther Harris from Bookollective who shared her top tips to get book PR.

As a new author, there are many things you can do to get more publicity. Things like talking about your book to anyone who will listen (especially those who will support your PR campaign!), getting clear on your message and how to tell your story, and what actually makes you different.

In the 20 minute interview, you’ll learn when and how to get started, what you need to know before you approach journalists, how to respond to media requests, and Esther’s top 3 PR tips that you really must do!

Join us for the Book Marketing Mastermind event – 20-21 May

Esther is also running a mini book PR workshop at our Book Marketing Mastermind event on the weekend of 20-21 May. So to get personal feedback on how to get great PR for your book, as well as extensive marketing support and advice over the weekend to create your own book marketing plan, do join us. Here’s the link with more details about the event.

By The Bookollective Team, Mar 31 2017 09:43AM

Bookollective have decided to turn the tables to continue to help our growing community. As well as supporting authors and their books, we have a fantastic team of book bloggers (The B Team), who we work with on blog tours and reviews. Our design and digital marketing expert, Aimee, wanted to recognise them within the industry and will be interviewing some of our blogger team from time to time to showcase their blogs and what they do for the book market.

Today we are speaking to Linda from Books of All Kinds. Linda has reviewed a number of our books and we love how friendly and helpful she has been from the very beginning of Bookollective's collaboration.

Hello Linda! Can we first ask what inspired you to become a book blogger?

I have always loved books. I remember as a child reading anything I could get my hands on, which stayed with me all the way through University where I studied English Literature. After that I worked in a bookstore which was like heaven for me! So when I decided to stay at home to raise my kids, I still wanted to be connected with the book world and I started reviewing books for an American review site - Fresh Fiction. So after two years reviewing for them I finally worked up the courage to start my own book blog and I have never looked back.

That's amazing! So how do you now decide whether to review a book or not?

If it is an author that I am familiar with and know their writing then it is an easy choice. But when it is from a completely new author or genre for me, then it really all depends on the cover and the blurb. If it doesn't sound like my kind of story I don't want to waste their time or mine reading something that I know I won't like. Although with the exception of horror and true crime, there isn't much I wouldn't read! Lol. I have also built up relationships with some publishers and their publicity staff, so they will get in touch with me about certain books that they know I will like, which means I don't even have to make a decision, they know me so well.

So you really do judge a book by its cover?

I have to admit that yes, in some instances, I do judge a book by its cover especially when it is an unknown author to me. The cover has to draw me in so that I will read the blurb, and then decide whether or not I want to buy the book. I definitely think authors, but especially self-published authors, should invest in a good cover artist.

As a cover designer, that's just what I like to hear! Do you have a favourite book of the year so far?

That is an awful question - it's like asking me to choose my favourite child!!! So I am going to cheat and name a few from different genres that have really gotten inside my head so far this year: Sirens by Joseph Knox, The Returning Tide by Liz Fenwick, The Silent Wife by Kerry Fisher, The Mercury Travel Club by Helen Bridgett, The Roanoke Girls by Amy Engel. Oh the list really could go on and on. I want to name so many!

Is there something you wish authors knew about your blog or blogging?

My blog is still really a baby in the blogging world (only 10 months old) and it is getting busier and busier, which I am so excited about. I review all genres with the exception of horror and true crime, feature guest posts, author interviews, spotlights, pretty much if you are an author/publisher and have an idea for promoting your book, get in touch. I always share my reviews on Amazon UK and Amazon US, Goodreads, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc. And when I love a book that I have reviewed, I always buy another copy because I want the author to be able to make a living and keep writing more books! But I do want to add, on behalf of myself and my fellow bloggers, we do this for free, and we spend a lot of time and energy on our blogs, so please keep in mind that we cannot read every book that we are offered.

I think that's really important for authors to keep in mind. Do you have any advice for authors looking for successful blogger reviews?

My advice is contact a blogger well in advance. Most of us have review schedules that fill up really quickly and it happens a lot where an author will get in touch and want me to review a book in the next week or two, and I will have to decline because my schedule is booked up a month in advance. So get in touch early. Check out the review policy on the blog first to see if they are open for reviews and what genres etc they cover, and address the blogger by name as it makes it much more friendly and personal. And be aware it might take us a while to get back to you but we will (one day I had 285 emails!)

Thank you so much for answering our questions, Linda! So finally, do you have any plans for your blog in the future?

My only plan is to keep spreading the love of books and hopefully people will continue to enjoy my blog. I recently found out that I had over 50,000 views and 22,000 actual visitors to my blog since it started which really blew my mind! So I hope that this will continue to grow and help authors sell their books. I would like to thank my fellow book bloggers who are such an AMAZING group of people and always so supportive and helpful with advice and sharing blog posts. I have never felt so included and I have made so many wonderful new friends through blogging, including the talented Bookollective team, so thank you all x

Visit Linda's book blog at www.booksofallkinds.weebly.com

By The Bookollective Team, Mar 20 2017 10:54AM

Bookollective enjoyed a successful London Book Fair this year, and an equally enjoyable after-party held at Waterstones on Tottenham Court Road. We heard talks from authors, professionals and all our guests had the chance to network among the bookshelves.

Join us for our next event in June 2017. A date will be confirmed and invites sent out very soon.

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Favourite book:

To Kill A Mockingbird 

by Harper Lee


Best tip for authors:

Tell me your life story. It's the personal ups and downs and how you've overcome them that sometimes help us pitch you and the book.


Publishing career highlight:

My first byline in The Mirror and ghost writing a newspaper feature for a client that saw her get a phone call from the Defence Secretary saying how impressed he was.


Our aim for the Bookollective blog is to provide honest and informative articles to help everyone within the industry and book world. Our team will regularly contribute articles, but we will also invite guest bloggers. If you would like to guest blog for us, get in touch via the contact page.


You can also find out a little more about our team below!




Favourite book:

Pride and Prejudice 

by Jane Austen


Best tip for authors:

Good design is good business; it builds your brand and conveys professionalism. As an author, your book is your business; don't let your hard work down with poor presentation.


Publishing career highlight:

Getting my first award for cover design! It's always an amazing feeling when you're acknowledged for doing something you love.




Favourite book:

The Tiger Who Came

to Tea by Judith Kerr


Best tip for authors:

You are unique and so is your book, so create a unique publicity campaign that suits you. Most importantly, don’t quit - I always tell my authors that writing their book is actually the ‘easy’ bit, promotion takes patience and determination.


Publishing career highlight:

I was proud to be selected as a finalist in the Publisher’s Publicity Circle Awards for one of my paperback non-fiction campaigns, but my career highlight has to be winning the title of Young Business Person of the Year at the Inspire Business Awards.

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