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'The B Team' are Bookollective's selective team of friendly and reliable book bloggers. As part of Bookollective's Book Blog Tour service, authors and publishers can take advantage of access to this great team and enjoy the quality and exposure that these bloggers and their reviews can offer. If you're an author or publisher that would like to learn more about this service, visit the publicity services page.


If you're a book blogger that would like to enjoy being a part of a friendly, supportive team, please get in touch. We appreciate everything book bloggers do for the industry and they are valued members of the Bookollective community. You can visit our Twitter or Facebook page for up to date details on The B Team.


Books currently available to The B Team can be found below.

Our blogger of the month is a

fabulous member of The B Team,

Claire Lyons! Claire runs a

wonderful blog at

mrsaverageevaluates.co.uk and

has read and reviewed a few

offerings from Bookollective


Mrs A is a working mum of four

little children and says; 'A book that doesn’t float my boat may

well float yours – in fact I hope it does or life would be very boring indeed!

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